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Tablecloth Clips

Here at the Tablecloth Shop, we stock tablecloth clips that can be used inside and outdoors.

Available in packs of 4 our tablecloth clips are perfect for securing tablecloths.

Our strong and durable, clear, plastic, spring loaded tablecloth clips are an important part of any table spread. Whether you are entertaining guests or simply having a meal with a loved one, these clips are an essential requirement.

Our tablecloth clips will ensure that your specially laid out table cloth is not going to fly off or be pulled away from the table by any un-expecting guest.

Clips are one size fits all. We have a same day dispatch policy with all our products so you could have your clips the very next day.

These fantastic pieces of invention and engineering can be used for wedding party tables, Hen parties, Stag night parties, indoor and outdoor buffet tables, special events and many other uses.

Clips are spring loaded so they can fit on almost any size of table up to two inches thick. Easy fitting and release after use. Holds party tablecloths in place for hours on end.

Set of 4 Tablecloth Clips
Set of 4 Tablecloth Clips
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