There’s no doubt that Halloween this year will be unlike any other.  Depending on where you live and the restrictions in place at the time, things like Trick or Treating seem to be out, but there are still ways to celebrate Halloween at home in style and have fun.

Have a Halloween Countdown

There are lots of ways to build excitement for Halloween. You could do something simple like a countdown with a board in the house and numbers on it. Count down from the start of October and change the number each day. You could even go further and make an advent calendar style system but focused on Halloween – treats optional!

Halloween Tablecloth

One of the best ways to make Halloween into an event, even if it isn’t the traditional one, is to do some special activities, crafts or other fun stuff around the holiday. Given that Halloween and Halloween crafts and activities can be very messy a wipe clean Halloween Tablecloth is a must have for this event. Whether you choose a fun and creepy black spiders web vinyl and add your own plastic spiders to make it extra creepy, or a seasonal pumpkin themed tablecloth to add a touch of fun and brightness to your Halloween activities.

Fun Halloween Activities

Here are some great ideas to try in your home this Halloween!

Halloween Fort – Something simple and easy to do is to use the kitchen table to create a Halloween fort. Grab a tablecloth and drape over the table so it makes a fort underneath. Add some LED candles on top and underneath, some Halloween decorations, and the kids (or adults!!!) can stash the sweets or other treats they get on the day.

Face Painting – Face painting is always a winner for kids and works even if you aren’t going anywhere.  Get the older kids involved by asking them to research ideas on YouTube then help with younger kids.

Shadow puppet performance – get the kids to make shadow puppets from pieces of card and add them to lollipop sticks.  Then they can have a ‘performance’ for you with light creating reflections on the wall

Craft or Halloween carving party – it only takes two to have a party so do something crafty like making treat bags or carve pumpkins.  Don’t forget other veg works too such as turnips or even yams

Halloween baking – create one of the hundreds of Halloween themed cakes or desserts out there and enjoy the results later

Halloween Night

A Halloween ‘dinner party’ is a great idea and can be done to suit the age of your kids.  You can go silly with eyeballs in cakes and mummy hot dogs, or you could go for something a little more sophisticated if you have older kids and make a charcuterie board with plastic spiders and ‘finger’ foods. You could even add some lurid coloured mocktails to make them feel grown-up.

More ideas for the night:

  • Halloween Dance Party – Play those Halloween classics like Thriller and The Monster Mash
  • Horror movie marathon – ideal for the older kids find the best scary movies and watch them back to back
  • Halloween game night – something like bingo but for Halloween! Make sure you have a few little prizes for the kids to win

A Fun Halloween Night

There are so many things you can do for Halloween, even with any restrictions we could be facing.  If the weather is up for it, you can even have outdoor games or start early with autumn-themed scavenger hunts.