January is the best time to try out new hobbies. Long, cold days mean you may be inclined to stay indoors more often, so why not make the most of your time by taking up a new craft? Our dining and kitchen tables have become the heart of the home over the last few months and the great range of easy clean and wipeable tablecloths on offer on our website can both protect your table and make it a more welcoming place to sit and craft.

Whether you are looking for crafts to do with your family or learn new crafts for yourself January is a great time to start – here are some great crafts to try at your dining table this year!

DIY Soap Making

Soapmaking is a satisfying and easy craft. You can use pre-existing soap and melt it down, mixing it with essential oils and ingredients like dried lavender to create something new. There are tons of skin-enhancing ingredients that you can try, so it’s worth playing around to find the best combinations.

Wrap your finished soap in brown paper, and you’ve got a thoughtful handmade gift, too. You can find many tutorials online, including this guide to the melt and pour method. Remember to protect the surface you’re working on for this – you’ll need a robust tablecloth here, like a vinyl tablecloth, that you can wipe clean afterwards.


Embroidery is a beautiful hobby to take up. Embroidery hoops are growing in popularity again, but you can also embroider clothes and accessories too, which is a great way to refresh old clothing. There are a lot of craft kits to get your started or if you are an old hand getting back into this lovely craft there are a range of more in-depth tutorials online to help.

Pom-Pom Making

Pom poms are great – they are simple and satisfying to make, and kids can get involved too. All you need is wool, pom-pom makers, and sharp scissors, and you are good to go!

Pom-pom garlands are beautiful, and they make great toppers for gifts too. A collection of white pom poms makes for a great indoor snowball fight, or you can adorn your home by adding them to cushions and curtains for a fun new look.

Miniatures & Dolls Houses

If you’ve got an eye for detail, you might find creating miniatures to be very satisfying. Dolls house furniture is fun to design and make from scratch or from kits available to buy online. From designing to assembling to painting, creating miniatures is a satisfying process from start to finish.

It’s also a messy craft, so make sure you use a decent tablecloth to protect your work surface – an oilcloth or vinyl tablecloth is perfect here, as it allows you to wipe it down after each use.

String Art

String art is a fun craft that you may not have heard of. It involves some tools – you will need a board, plus paint, nails, a hammer, some pliers, and of course, string. As it is a heavy-duty craft, so you will need to protect your work surface with a thick tablecloth. A piece of string art makes a beautiful, personalised gift, and it feels satisfying to do.

Glass Painting

If you love to paint, why not try switching up your surfaces? Glass painting is an enjoyable hobby – create abstract cocktail glasses, personalized prosecco glasses, and more. You can buy special glass paint, or you could go for glass pens instead – these work well for beginners. Just like most of the other crafts on this list, you will need to invest in a wipe-clean tablecloth for this one – or risk staining your table!

Whatever you do on your dining table, we have the perfect tablecloth to inspire you and protect the table surface from any mishaps!