It’s been a tough year. With Christmas round the corner, you might be wondering how you can capture the magic of this time of year when things are far from normal. It’s important to focus on the little things – small moments to create memories that you can do at home.

Christmas Tablecloths

Great festive family time can be had around the Christmas table, at the Tablecloth Shop we know great memories are made on the top of the festive tablecloths we sell. So here are some great ideas for doing at the table, or around the house this year for some true Christmas cheer.

Make Fancy Hot Chocolates

Hot chocolate bars? That’s something we can get behind. Go wild with your hot chocolate toppings – lay out some small dishes filled with chocolate and sprinkles, grab some cans of whipped cream, and let everyone help themselves. If you want to make it from scratch, check out this recipe for slow cooker hot chocolate. Put it on first thing in the morning, and your house will smell lovely all day.

You can make this extra festive by putting lots of effort into your table. Paper tablecloths look pretty and are a great option for activities like this, as you can just bundle them up and throw them away when you’re done – no need to worry about spills or messes.

Make Ornaments

These are particularly lovely to make with children. Make salt dough by mixing a cupful of plain flour with half a cupful of table salt and half a cupful of water. Knead it and roll it and grab some Christmas-shaped cutters to create some cute decorations. They take a few hours on low in the oven to bake, but once they’re done, they can be painted and varnished – and they should last for years to come, so you’ll have a reminder of the time you spent together. Don’t forget to protect your table – an oilcloth or vinyl tablecloth would be great for this, as you can wipe them clean and reuse them for your messy craft activities.

Have a Christmas Disco

If the kids Christmas discos have been cancelled, why not have one at home? Draw the curtains, dim the lights, grab some glow sticks, and stick on your favourite Christmas playlist. Candy canes for the family members with the best dance moves!

Get Baking

Homemade treats are the perfect thing when you’re feeling a bit glum. Mince pies and cinnamon rolls are an obvious one, and you can also bake some make-ahead Christmas Day breakfasts – Christmas muffins spiced with cinnamon and orange make a delicious early-morning breakfast to scoff while you open the presents.

Make Some Cards

Christmas cards may be falling out of fashion, but homemade cards remain popular – for good reason! Pop a vinyl or oilcloth tablecloth on your table, grab the pens, glue, and glitter, and let the kids go crazy. If you’ve never got into crafting before, why not start now? Stamping is a great fuss-free craft, and there are thousands of festive designs to choose from. Take the time to write meaningful messages for each person – more than ever we need kind, encouraging words, so take a moment to express this to your loved ones.