How to dress your table this Christmas.

We are going to explore options of how to dress your table this Christmas, using Christmas Tablecloths, runners, placemats and more.

Once Halloween is over its practically Christmas, right? And as always it will come very quick. If you are like us at Tablecloth shop and can’t wait to put up your Christmas decorations on 1st December, then you need to be prepared and get organised.

When you think Christmas decorations, you think Christmas tree, fairy lights, and fire garlands, but don’t neglect your dining table. The dining table is where the real memories are made, where you eat your freshly cooked Christmas dinner, where you pull crackers with your loved ones and where you tell jokes and play games, the dining table is the heart of all family events. So, if the dining table is so special then give it the attention it deserves.

Your table can be dressed throughout the entire festive season as though an addition to your decorations, but to make it extra special, you should add some final touches on Christmas day.

We have so much choice for your Christmas table, starting with Christmas Vinyl Tablecloths. Our Christmas vinyl tablecloths are available in a range of colours and designs and are perfect for completely covering and protecting your table from stains and scratches. The advantage of a Christmas vinyl tablecloth is that it is wipe clean, which is perfect when serving food at your table – simply wipe away any spillages and it is as good as new.

A great alternative to a Christmas vinyl tablecloth is a Christmas fabric tablecloth. Again, we have lots of choice of designs in traditional Christmas colours such as Silver, Gold and Red. Christmas fabric tablecloths add a more traditional look to your table and feel much more homely than the wipe clean alternative. Although spillages aren’t as easily wiped away on a fabric cloth, their advantage is that once you have used it you can simply wash it in the washing machine and re use. Christmas fabric tablecloths are also easy to fold and store for next year.

If you do not want to cover your table with a Christmas tablecloth, then how about using a Christmas table runner? Christmas table runners are a great alternative as they dress your table beautifully without completely covering your dining table. They also look great alone or paired with matching placemats and napkins. Again, with table runners once you have used it you can simply wash and put away ready for next year.

Whether you choose a tablecloth or a runner this Christmas remember it’s the final details that count. We recommend adding candles to your table and surrounding them with our festive candle rings, they add that wow factor to any table! Even better we also have napkin rings to match our candle rings.

Once you have dressed your table for the festive period, a great touch would be to make your own place settings for Christmas day. Check out this blog by Ideal Home for great ideas to wow your guests with an amazing place setting.