Home-based celebrations are something we have all had to adapt to in recent times but that does not mean that a home based Easter can’t be amazing!

Easter is a time to spend with family, (as many as we are allowed) good food and a few chocolate rabbits.  Here’s our best tips for a great home-based Easter celebration.

Try an Easter Brunch Menu

Most traditional Easter meals will involve either a big lunch or a main meal dinner time, but the most popular alternative to these is to have an Easter brunch.  Just like a normal brunch, this is usually served late morning and combines breakfast and lunch.

You can involve all the usual brunch dishes from omelettes to croissants and even a Mimosa cocktail (for the adults!). This can be all set out on a table on top of a great wipe clean tablecloth making cleaning up a doddle!

Easter Decorating & Tablescaping

If you are opting for a traditional timed meal where everyone sits at the table, then decorating that table can be a fun way to make things a little different.  You can grab a new tablecloth and napkins but also add some fun elements.

One idea is that everyone gets a packet of seeds on their plate.  Easter is associated with spring, regrowth and renewal and there’s nothing better than planting and growing some food to celebrate this. Inspire people by giving them some seeds to start.

Adding Easter Themed Favours

Favours are something we associate with weddings, but they are just a little something that all the family will love and so are perfect at Easter time.  Celebrate the spring theme with little plants such as miniature succulents with a Happy Easter message on them and a bow around their little plant pot. Each guest then has something to remember the event – and these plants are super easy to care for even for the traditional plant-killing relative!

Create Some Fun Easter Desserts!

Get the kids involved and make some fun Easter themed desserts or sweet treats for after the meal.  New terracotta pots are one fun idea – fill them with brown cake mixture and insert a sugar carrot in the top to make it look like it is growing from the pot.

Or you could just take normal fairy cakes or cupcakes and add Easter themed decorations. The kids will love creating them and everyone will enjoy eating them after the meal. Fortunately, with a wipe clean tablecloth, any mess will be quickly and easily wiped away!

Easter Crafts for Kids

One of the big parts of any home-based occasion is ways to keep the kids occupied while they aren’t munching chocolate or eating their Easter meal.  A simple idea is to have some crafts prepared in little kits for them.  When the meal is finished, pop down a waterproof tablecloth to protect the surface and set them up.

That way, they can busy away with their crafts, spreading glue or paint across the table and the tablecloth will stand as a protector for you. When they are finished, you can just wipe it all up and the tablecloth will be ready to jump into action for the next holidays.

Easter Tablecloths

Whatever you are doing this Easter, and whoever we are allowed to do it with, ensuring you have a great tablecloth as base will make all your Easter activities look the part, and make them easy to clear up afterwards.