The summer holidays are in full swing, and now is the perfect time to get outdoors, discover some new beauty spots, and enjoy a good picnic. Read on to make sure you have everything you need before your next trip out.

Picnic Food is Amazing

Picnics aren’t all sandwiches and crisps. With a little preparation, you can create a full outdoor feast for your loved ones – just remember to bring ice packs and an insulated bag to keep it fresh. Try a combination of the following:

The Main Event

Sandwiches are popular, of course, but you could also try something new. Picnic pies, tarts, or quiches are a great, filling dish that you can make in advance, then divide and serve when you get there – and these can be as complicated as you like. You can make your own pastry and fillings, or cheat using pre-made shortcrust or puff pastry. Either way, a pie makes a great alternative to standard picnic fare.

Salads and Sides

On a hot day, salads are essential – a side salad, plus a combination of fresh veggies should work well. Potato salads are popular for good reason, too. Cherry tomatoes, crudités, and fresh salad leaves will help you to make the most of in-season produce and keep you cool and hydrated.

Picnic Snacks Make the Meal

Then there’s the snacks to consider. Sausage rolls make a hearty snack, and they’re fairly easy (and fun) to make from scratch, or you could go for pre-made and grab some cocktail sausages too. Scotch eggs are a great addition too. If you want something different, you could try deli meats and different types of cheese (mini mozzarella balls are nice and portable – no slicing involved).

Sweet Treats – Everyone’s Favourites!

What’s a picnic without a pudding? Small cakes and fresh fruit come into their own here – there’s nothing like eating a bowl full of fresh strawberries and raspberries on a warm summer’s day.

Picnic Drinks

You could get creative here and make some iced tea or fruit coolers, or even homemade lemonade – great for the whole family. The adults in your party might enjoy something alcoholic, in which case, you can’t go wrong with a nice cold G&T or a Pimm’s for a picnic.

Picnic Tablecloths and Tableware

You’ll need something to put your food on. While picnic blankets are cosy, they’re not that great when it comes to food spillages, which is why we recommend bringing a wipe-clean tablecloth with you. Vinyl or oilcloth are great choices, as you can quickly take care of spills as they happen. You can fold them up small and pop them in your picnic basket. Plus, you won’t have to worry about washing it when you get home!

Other than that, you’ll need plates and bowls, cutlery, and plastic cups or glasses.

The Extras

Finally, here’s a few things you won’t want to forget:

  • Wipes or napkins for clean faces and hands
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • A bottle opener
  • Suncream

You might also consider bringing a small tray to balance drinks on (especially if you’re sitting on uneven ground!)