2020 is going to be a Christmas like no other, so spending some extra time making the Christmas table look extra special will really be worth it. Whether the Christmas table is two of you, the immediate family including the kids or an assortment of grandparent or friends, setting it just right makes a big difference.

It might be one of the jobs that you can overlook with all the work of the holidays but when you lay the perfect Christmas table, the meal is even more spectacular.

But how do you set that perfect table for Christmas lunch?  Let’s dive into some tips.

Start with a Christmas Tablecloth

At the heart of every good table setting, there is a Christmas Tablecloth.  The great thing about festive tablecloths is that there are so many types, materials, patterns and even wipe clean tablecloths (also known as oilcloths). The last group is perfect if you have kids because those inevitable spills are much less of an issue and make clean up so easy!

You can choose a tablecloth that fits in with the style of table you want to create.  Or you can use something plain and simple that sits in the background of the rest of the items and protects the table.

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Add a Christmas Table Runner

The next item to build your Christmas table is a table runner.  This is a bit different from a tablecloth because it is a slender section of material that sits across the centre of the table.  The idea is that the main items such as the table centre, glassware, serving bowls and even the Christmas crackers can all sit on the runner. In place of a table runner you could always choose a Table Topper like this embroidered festive one.

You can choose a plain runner, but if you have a plain tablecloth then a patterned one works well.  You can choose something Christmas themed or simply something that is a colour fitting in with the table theme.  With the latter, you can always reuse it at other times of the year.

Christmas Coasters & Placemats

The final key piece to the table setting is placemats and coasters.  Again, there are tons of different options.  You can choose something plain or patterned, you may even want something that matches the table runner to create a unified look.

Another option is something like a charger that plates sit on.  These are often round or square and come in different colours.  Your dinner plate sits on this while coasters are used for glassware.  You can also put placemats under serving bowls if you want to offer the runner a little more protection.

Christmas Table Setting Tips

Once you have these key elements in place, you are ready to start laying your perfect table.

A table centrepiece is a good idea to create a focal point for your spread.  Candles or candelabra are great for this and you can often find seasonal versions with everything from holly berries to snowflakes on them.

Choose your tableware, glassware and cutlery and give everything a shine before you lay the table.  That way, everything has that extra sparkle and shine as people sit down.

Leave enough room to add serving dishes, depending on how you serve the meal.  Remember, if you have kids, that wipe clean tablecloth is going to be your best friend to help protect against the spills!

Then you are ready to go – enjoy your Christmas meal!