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How to Set Your Table for a New Year’s Buffet

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New Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion for a get-together. It’s also a great excuse to put in a little extra effort than you normally would. If you’re hosting a buffet, you can really add the wow factor to your night by setting your table in a certain way. Here are a few tips:

Consider the Layout

The most important thing is that the guests can get to the food. Make sure to leave plenty of space for the food, as well as space around the table for guests to linger and chat. If you have a smaller table hanging around, you could use it as a separate station for guests to pick up their plates, cutlery, and napkins.

Choose Your Colour Scheme

Metallics, like gold or silver, always work well here. It’s also the perfect excuse to bring out the glitter and sparkle. If you prefer something a little more reserved, white and gold makes for a particularly classy combination, or you could go for black and gold for a more dramatic look.

Choose the Right Tablecloth

The tablecloth you choose will help to set the colour scheme. You also need to consider which type of tablecloth will work best for the occasion.

Vinyl tablecloths are great as they are so easy to clean – you can just wipe up spills and messes as you go. Although they’re a little more expensive, if you choose the right one, you can use it again and again.

Paper tablecloths are a good option if you want something disposable – you can simply gather it up and throw it away at the end of the night, making the clean-up process simple.

Focus on the Bubbly

Of course, no New Year’s celebration is complete without champagne (or prosecco, or whatever drink you prefer). Get the bubbly on ice and have a station with glasses at the ready for those midnight toasts. You could even personalize the glasses for your guests.

Add the Wow Factor

If you add a few extra touches, the buffet table could really be the focal point for your New Year’s celebration. Here’s a few ideas to make your table extra special.

Add a Rustic Food Display

Bunches of grapes, halved figs, and sliced oranges look particularly pretty on wooden boards. You could also add cheese and cured meats, too.

Choose a Centrepiece

Small clocks can make a great centrepiece for a New Year’s buffet table (and can help you keep track of time as midnight approaches). Or, you could go for a floral centrepiece for a more natural look.

Add Height

You can draw the eye upwards, creating a more dramatic display. This is easily done using balloons. Alternatively, you could hang decorations from the ceiling – paper lanterns or hanging fans always look great. You can really get creative here – check out Pinterest for more ideas.

We hope these tips will help give you (and your guests) a New Year’s celebration to remember!