Vie Green & Gold Bamboo Salad Bowl & Servers


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Our Vie Green & Gold Bamboo Salad Bowl & Servers have arrived. This high quality salad bowl is perfect for both indoor and outdoor dining and will wow your guests this Summer.

These unique bowls have many uses. They can hold fruit, serve salads, or just to decorate around your home and garden.

This salad bowl and servers are made from a high quality bamboo, which unlike fragile glass bowls, bamboo bowls have good strength, are anti-fall and durable for long time use.

Every salad bowl and server are handmade in ethical condition and harmony with nature, weaved with the traditional manual techniques.

Our salad bowls and servers are made with renewable resources that grow quickly and doesn’t require pesticides, artificial irrigation or replanting.

Bowl size: 23x10cm

Vie Green And Gold Bamboo Salad Bowl & Servers are also available in White and Pink.


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