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Banquet Rolls

Our range of paper banquet rolls are excellent and economical for catering events and parties. They are made from 100% recycled material and individually wrapped in clear film.

Our Paper Banquet Rolls are available in various colours on a continuous roll of 25m. We also have white in 8m perfect for smaller tables & 50m rolls perfect for large-scale use.

Our high quality banqueting rolls are a brilliant addition to our fantastic line of products. Colours include Cream, Blue, Green, Red, Burgundy, Black and White. All sizes and styles are available so please visit the individual rolls to find out all about each particular item.

With these banqueting rolls, you can cut the paper to whatever size you require so you are never left with a tablecloth that is too small or large. You can simply cut it to the exact size you require. You are also sure to have some left over for the next time you want to throw a party or banquet.

Please contact us for samples.

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