Silver Tablecloths

Our Silver Tablecloths are ideal for enhancing your dining table during the festive season and special occasions

High-Quality and Durable Silver Tablecloths
Silver tablecloths are a must-have for any special event or gathering. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner, wedding reception, or birthday celebration, adding silver tablecloths to the decor will instantly add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Not only do they look beautiful when laid out on the tables, but they also provide protection from spills and scratches while still allowing the natural beauty of your furniture to shine through.
Tablecloths come in many different styles and materials. Some popular choices include table runners made from oilcloth, which gives an extra layer of texture and design detail to your setting; vinyl tablecloths that are easy to clean and maintain; as well as classic cotton or linen fabrics that offer timeless appeal. No matter what type of material you choose, silver is sure to bring a stunning classic look to any dining room setting.

Classic, yet Modern
Silver tablecloths can be both a luxurious and practical choice to add extra flair to your dinner tables. Whether you’re hosting an important business dinner or a special family celebration, silver tablecloths can give any event an extra touch of sophistication. You can create a stunning, wintery look for your table at Christmas with our silver tablecloths, and why not take a look at our matching runners to add that extra bit of sparkle! Silver placemats are also available for those occasions when the full effect of a tablecloth is not desired.
For the most part, silver tablecloths come in two varieties – wipe clean PVC vinyl or fabric cloths. The PVC vinyl wipes clean easily with just a damp cloth, making them ideal for households with young children or busy work environments that need quick and easy clean-up after meals. Fabric cloths on the other hand may require dry cleaning but offer greater range in terms of colour and texture options.