Clips & Accessories

Tablecloth Cloth clips are a must have with any tablecloth. Tablecloth clips stop the tablecloth from moving and sliding around on the table. The clips are unnoticeable as they are clear and very little of the clip appears on the tabletop. The clips are especially great for outdoor tables where the wind may tend to blow the tablecloth around a little more.

We also have various items to accessories your table, including napkin rings, candle holders, tea light holders, candle mats and many more.

Enhance your dining experience

Use these table clips from Tablecloth Shop to secure tablecloths under your countertops: Each set comprises four clips that max out on tabletops of 45 mm deep. Attach these clips to your tablecloth and maintain neatness as you prepare food, protecting your table and presentation from spills and damage.

These table clips can also be used when dining outdoors, keeping your tablecloths from becoming windswept, keeping your food secure. The clips also have a high polish finish, making them impeccably attractive as well as elegant – providing your tablecloths a more professional look.

Easy to use

Securely attach your tablecloth and table skirt with a clear tableware clip featuring hook and loop. Simply position the tablecloth clips directly onto your tablecloth and place the hinged hook and loop fastener on the reverse of the table skirt. The sturdy clips ensure your tablecloth remains securely in place without the risk of being caught by chairs. The clips adjust to fit the thickness of the tablecloth to keep the skirt in place.


Tablecloth clips are a simple and effective way of keeping your tablecloths in place. Tablecloth clips come in different sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose the right size for your tables. Large corner clips are perfect for larger tables, providing an easy solution to keep your tablecloths neat and secure.

These large corner clips have been designed with convenience in mind. They can be easily attached to any type of fabric without causing damage or leaving behind residue. The strong grip these clips provide helps keep any sized fabric securely fastened to your tables, ensuring that no matter what activity is happening on the table it won’t shift or move out of place. These large corner clips are a must-have accessory for anyone looking for an efficient way to secure their tablecloths with ease.