Tablecloths Are Perfect For All Seasons And Holidays.

Just because the weather is changing it doesn’t mean you can no longer spend time outside.

We are going to have a look at why tablecloths are perfect whatever the season. They aren’t just perfect for using in your garden in the summer months, they are perfect for all year round.

Autumn Harvest

As the nights draw in you will notice the farmers gathering crop from the fields. Those freshly ploughed fields covered in newly harvested hay bales are in fact one of the most idyllic places to go for a picnic with your loved ones, and why not use a vinyl or oilcloth tablecloth instead of a picnic blanket? Fill your picnic basket or cool bag with tasty treats such as sandwiches, pork pies, sausage rolls and some seasonal fruit, such as apples, pears and figs, and head out to the countryside for some memorable family time, whilst making use of your tablecloth too. Once the children have run themselves wild through the freshly ploughed fields, why not sit back, relax on your tablecloth and enjoy the beautiful sunset, you shouldn’t be waiting long, the days are getting shorter and shorter!

Clocks Changing

Speaking of short days, next we have the changing of the clock on 28th October. Although many people hate the transition from the lovely bright nights to the dark wintery ones, these are magical times, and they are not to be missed sat inside. Why not make the most of the crisp cold nights by popping open a bottle of your favourite wine or fizz and wrapping up in a blanket by your chimenea or fire pit? Of course, you will also need some wintery snacks to accompany the wine so cover your table with a vinyl or oilcloth tablecloth and lay out some of your favourite snacks. Have you tried roasting marshmallows on the fire? They are super tasty and a lovely idea to bring your family together around the fire.


Once the clocks have changed there are many holidays to look forward to, first we have Halloween. Halloween is a great occasion to get your family together, to play games and enjoy nibbles and buffet food. One of the best Halloween games is called ‘Apple Dunking’ in this game you fill a large bowl or bucket full of water and drop apples in, and each person should take turns getting an apple out of the bucket using only their mouths. This game can get your surface quite wet, so we recommend you play outside or place a wipe clean vinyl or oilcloth tablecloth on your indoor surface first. We have many themed vinyl tablecloths perfect for Halloween. Alternatively, we have disposable tablecloths which are also perfect for Halloween buffets and less wet games!!!

Bonfire Night (Guy Fawkes)

Shortly after Halloween is Bonfire Night, the most magical winters night of them all. Wrap up in hats, scarves and gloves with your family and either go and support your local bonfire or create your own at home (but be very careful!). There is nothing more magical than bonfires, fireworks, sparklers and the best way to top it off is with traditional bonfire night snacks such as hot dogs, parkin, bonfire lollies and much more. If you’re having a family get together and are setting up a buffet or nibbles check out or Fire Flower Vinyl for the perfect bonfire night inspired tablecloth.

So, although dark nights are coming, I am sure you can agree there is a lot to look forward to in October and November, not to mention the Christmas festivities that follow shortly after. Remember we have tablecloths for all occasions and they can be used for much more than covering a table.