Village fairs, school events, community fun days, local fundraisers – the village fete has evolved and morphed over the years, but the format is still as popular as ever and it being used more and more at a local community level. Great for bringing the community together, for celebrating and for fundraising, the tablecloth has never felt so wanted as at a village fair!

Tablecloths at Village Fetes

The organising committee, event planners or local community group who are organising the village fair will often have a lot on their plates as they plan for success and bad weather in equal weighting, but the look of the fair is always very high on that list including great tablecloths and probable bunting! So, with that in mind lets take a look at a few of the common types of stalls and table that are at village fairs and how to make them look their best!

Bake Sale Table – This table will probably be one of the most popular at the fair and so it needs to be full, fabulous and very colourful. One of the best ways to make this table really stand out is to have a bight colourful tablecloth to show off the cakes, biscuits and buns that you are selling. Remember to ensure it is an oilcloth or vinyl tablecloth as this one will need to be wiped up regularly.

Homemade Preserves – Does your local fete have a reputation for the best marmalade or damson jam in your county (or even the world!!) Do you have a homemade jam competition, or do you have stall that sells local jams and has a taster section for people to try before they buy? If so, this sounds very sticky so a wipe clean tablecloth will save the table underneath and help you keep clean and sticky free all day.

The Tombola Stall – A big money-making stall with lots of fun prizes needs to be seen and look put together so a tablecloth of bright colours or patterns can do that.

Kids Crafts Table – Do you want to entertain the little ones at your village fair? If so then you will probably have a craft table which you can keep little fingers busy. This will also probably mean lots of mess so a quality wipe clean tablecloth will be needed, perhaps also think about a great child friendly pattern that encourages them to sit at the table in the first place.

These are some great designs, perfect for keeping kids engaged:

Tips for Organisers

When you are planning your village fete remember to give stall holders a list of what they might need for the, things could include:

  • Enough Change in their Money Pot
  • Bags so people can take things home
  • A Tablecloth to protect tables and bring some brightness to the whole fete
  • A chair to sit on

Tablecloths Shop

The tablecloth shop has a tablecloth suitable for every stall at any village fair, fete or festival so whether you are hosting your own local version of the great British Bake Off, are stepping up to manage your local church fete or have been inspired to raise money for a good cause by hosing a fun day then check out the great disposable, reusable and wipe clean options that the Tablecloth Shop can offer.