There is much that you can do within your home in order to express your creativity in the most unique way. One trend that seems to be an interest for many interior designs is something called tablescaping. You have probably been doing this for years, you just didn’t know it had a name!

What is Tablescaping?

Tablescaping is otherwise known as the ‘art of setting your table’ and it’s somewhat of a trend that’s stuck around. What would usually sit empty or perhaps consist of a cloth and placements, has now turned into a masterpiece of design and creativity. So, with that being said, let’s dive into this wonderful trend and how you could transform your dining table with tablescaping.

The Pleasure of Setting your Table

There seems to be a lot of joy found in setting the table when you’ve got guests round, perhaps for a dinner party with a group of friends or an intimate dinner with extended family. Whatever the occasion, there’s more focus on the layout and features of the dining table that have become more favourable than simply throwing over a tablecloth and laying out your best china.

The change has come in the form of small, independent brands who are now specialising specifically in tableware. With so many different options to choose from, there can be a lot of satisfaction with fitting your table settings to match the occasion or perhaps the season you’re in. Tablecloths of course play a huge part in getting the styling just right and The Tablecloth Shop has everything you need.

In a way, it’s turned into an art form and that thanks to social media, is being tried and tested in a lot more households than previously done so.

How to do Tablescaping

So, you like the idea of tablescaping, fancy trying it yourself. If that’s the case, then it’s important to start off with a blank canvas. Depending on the shape and size of your dining table will depend on what materials and soft furnishings you pick. Perhaps it’s an outdoor dining area that you’re dressing in the summer? Think crisp linen sheets, perhaps in a seashell blue or cream and layered with jute table mats to have you dreaming you’re away on some tropical island!

Or maybe you’d like to go more occasional, perhaps a New Year’s Eve party. A classic black and gold colour scheme sees a sequin gold tablecloth with round leather table mats and epic candle centrepieces.

Like with anything when it comes to styling your home, it’s all about finding your personality and preference in style. With your dining table, you can strip it back to it’s blank canvas and then build upon it, adding things in and taking them away until you have the finished result. It’s something that can be a visual enjoyment which you appreciate when dining with friends or perhaps just for show.

Seek Inspiration Online

There are plenty of tablecloths and other tableware pieces to choose from, so find your muse or inspiration online. As it’s a hot trend, there’s likely to be plenty of imagery to go off in order to create something you’ll love and adore.