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Why PVC Tablecloths are great to protect your table from Easter Celebrations

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Easter is a busy time, often with family members visiting and activities to keep the kids occupied over the holidays.  Amongst all of that, the last thing you want to do is spend time washing and ironing a tablecloth to keep the table looking nice!  That’s why PVC tablecloths are your best friend when it comes to protecting your table around Easter.

Protecting the table at mealtimes

The most obvious way the PVC tablecloth helps out at Easter is to protect your table during the big Easter meals.  Let’s face it, good intentions aside, there’s always some gravy that escapes from the gravy boat and ends up on the table.  If you don’t have a cloth down, the hot liquid can cause a permanent mark on the surface.

Traditional cloth coverings were created to help protect the table and they do this job well.  But the big problem with them is that they are a single use product – after one big meal and a stain or three, they need to go through the washing machine before they are ready to be used again.  And with Easter weekend often meaning two or three special meals over a couple of days, this means there isn’t always time.

But the PVC tablecloth doesn’t need a full wash to be ready for action again.  A damp cloth, sometimes a little washing up liquid or a cleaning wipe can easily remove the stains and mean it is ready for the next meal.  So, you get the protection you need as well as a far easier to clean product than a traditional cloth version.

Protecting the table at other times

Where PVC tablecloths are even more useful is when they can protect the table from other activities.  There are worse stains out there than gravy – think glitter glue, poster paint or even something like acrylic oils!

Easter is a great time for kids to do some crafts.  From making an Easter themed wreath for the front door to creating Easter cards to give to visiting family members, there are loads of great products in the shops for them to use and create something unique.  Usually, this is done at the kitchen table.

This is where the PVC tablecloth is really handy.  Unlike a traditional cloth version, it is an ideal protector of the table during craft or art sessions.  Paints simply mop up, glitter glue wipes away or peels off when dried and even acrylic paints can’t get through.  This means the kids can craft as much as they want, pack the crafts away and you can wipe the tablecloth to make the table instantly ready for the next meal.

Your Easter helper

A good quality PVC tablecloth is a hardworking helper than you will definitely want around your home for Easter.  Able to cope with everything from wreath making sessions to big family meals, it protects your table and makes it quick and easy to clear up and be ready for the next thing on the calendar.