There are many reasons why wipe clean tablecloths are a lifesaver – a good wipe-clean tablecloth can last for years to come with careful use.

At The Tablecloth Shop we sell a huge range of wipe clean tablecloths in many patterns, colours and styles. Here are a few reasons why we love them:

Indoors and Outdoors

Wipe clean tablecloths can be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether you want to have a wipe clean surface for family meals, or a surface to use for barbeques and garden parties, an oilcloth or PVC tablecloth will work well.

A good wipe-clean tablecloth can withstand a sudden downpour as well as hours of sunlight – either of which can be expected during a barbeque! You can also use them as picnic blankets for your garden, or even fold them up and take them to the park if you need to.

Parties and Events

You can get a wipe-clean tablecloth for every occasion – birthday parties, outdoor events, weddings, buffets, kids parties – you name it, you can find a tablecloth to suit it. You can find tablecloths in a variety of colours. Polka dots for a kids’ party, floral print for an old-fashioned tea party, plain neutral tablecloths for more formal events. There should be a tablecloth out there that suits you.

Arts and Crafts

Wipe clean tablecloths aren’t just for dining. You can use a wipe clean tablecloth for arts and crafts, too. Painting, gluing, mosaic, pottery, whatever you want to work on – a wipe clean tablecloth is a sensible choice to protect your table or craft area. Pick a hard-wearing tablecloth and expect it to get a bit messy over time – and then feel relieved that you’ve saved your surfaces from similar damage!

Perfect for Kids

If you have children, a wipe-clean tablecloth is a must-have. Weaning is much easier with an oilcloth or PVC tablecloth. Not only will it protect your family dining table, but you can also put one under a highchair to catch the (inevitable) spillages – no more stained carpets or constant mopping!

As your children get older, a tablecloth will still come in useful – not just for meals, but for the homework and craft projects that they might get into as they get older. Play dough and painting can be messy, but it’s easy enough to wash a tablecloth after they’ve finished playing.

Special Occasions

You can also get themed wipe-clean tablecloths that can be used again and again. Rather than going for disposable tablecloths, you can invest in one that will last for years to come. You could go for a plaid or red tablecloth for Christmas, and a floral for spring. A champagne or silver coloured tablecloth is great for New Years’ celebrations.

Environmentally Friendly

They’re also a good choice for the environment. Rather than going for disposable tablecloths (which are very useful in certain situations), you can go for a reusable one that you can keep until it falls apart. As wipe clean tablecloths are so strong, you can expect them to keep going for a long time – saving you from buying many disposable tablecloths!